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Help More Customers Find You on Yelp®

A Yelp® Profile Could Boost

Customer Engagement and Increase Sales

If you need suggestions on the best dentist, locksmith or coffee shop in town, you might search online. Often times, you just end up with a list of all the dentists, locksmiths or coffee shops near your zip code. 

What if you wanted to know how those dentists compare? Or, the level of service they provide? This is what Yelp.com is all about. It's an online business directory that's driven by customer reviews and comments.

And, those Yelp® reviews are paying off for some businesses. According to Migs Bassig in is article, "Yelp Factsheet: Stats Your Business Needs to Know," "45 percent of consumers say they are likely to check reviews on Yelp before visiting a business." And, "Yelp averages more than 178 million unique visitors every month across its mobile, desktop and app versions."1 That's a lot of potential customers you could be reaching on Yelp.com!

Interested in knowing more about Yelp and how it could help boost customer engagement and increase sales for your business? Let's discuss: 

How does Yelp work? 
As an online business directory, Yelp offers business profiles or pages that include your company address, phone number, website, hours of operation, reviews and other important information so customers can quickly and easily find and connect with your business.

Yelp offers free and paid services to customize your business page. Using the free Yelp app, you can easily manage your business page, update hours of operation, make appointments, send quotes and respond to questions or reviews. For a fee, you can enhance your business page with paid features like Yelp ads, call-to-action buttons, removing competitor ads from your page, customizing the order of your photos and videos, etc. Click here to learn how you can grow your business with Yelp. 

In addition to serving as an online business directory, Yelp relies heavily on customer reviews. Yelpers or users generate most of the content on the site by rating the businesses they frequent. As a business owner on Yelp, responding to reviews is paramount. So much so, that Yelp provides a tutorial on how to respond to reviews. Click here to learn more. 

Should I Use Yelp for My Business? What are the Pros and Cons?
Yelp is another online opportunity to get your heating and cooling company in front of thousands of new customers each day. 

In her article "Yelp for Business Owners: The Ultimate Guide 2019," Kelly Main explains, "Yelp is a forum with user-generated content that is designed to help consumers discover and review businesses in the following categories: restaurants and food, shopping, nightlife, entertainment and service providers in all industries."2

What are the pros and cons associated with Yelp? Main discusses the pros and cons in her article "Yelp for Business Owners: The Ultimate Guide 2019." Yelp provides some big benefits: the free Yelp business profile, more online exposure for your business, and positive reviews can encourage new customers to try your business. However, there are some drawbacks to Yelp: the negative effect of bad reviews could hurt your business, constantly responding to questions and reviews can be time-consuming, and the paid features of Yelp can be more expensive than other social media platforms.2

How Can I Get Started? 
Ready to get started with Yelp for Business Owners? It's easy to do in just three simple steps. 

  1. Claim your business page on Yelp. To claim your business, start here. Click on "Claim your Business" and "Manage my free listing." Type your zip code and the name of your business to see if it is already on Yelp. If your business has previously received reviews, it may be on Yelp. But it's important that you claim the business on Yelp and create your Yelp for Business Owners account so you can verify the information is correct. 

  2. Optimize your Yelp business profile. Ensure that the proper business information is listed, including the address, phone number, website, hours of operation, etc. Add storefront photos to your business profile and a brief statement about your company philosophy and services provided.  

  3. Encourage customer reviews. Since Yelp is a reviews-based platform, it's key to ask for customer reviews. In her article, "Yelp for Business Owners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success," Georgia McIntyre provides a few tips on increasing the number of reviews you receive on Yelp:3

    1. Let people know you've created a Yelp business profile. Reach out to friends, family, employees and existing customers via email or other social media outlets. Link to your Yelp business profile so they know you are on Yelp. 
    2. Advertise that you're on Yelp. Put a Yelp sticker on your front window or door, include the Yelp logo on sales materials, add the Yelp logo to your customer review sheet when technicians leave an installation site. It may encourage customers to leave you a review on Yelp. 
    3. Add the Yelp link to your email signature. If you use email to communicate with customers, be sure to add your Yelp business profile link to your email signature. It's an easy way for customers to click and quickly leave a review. 
    4. Contact customers who have reviewed you in the past. Get in touch with customers who have reviewed you on other sites in the past and ask them if they wouldn't mind adding a review to your business profile on Yelp. 
    5. Monitor and respond to reviews in a timely manner. Be sure to log in to your Yelp for Business Owners account frequently. Be professional in your response to negative and positive reviews. Click here for additional guidance from Yelp on how to respond to reviews. 

Now that you have a better understanding of how Yelp works, the pros and cons associated with Yelp and how to get started on Yelp, what's holding you back from utilizing this review site? Click here to see how Yelp could help boost customer engagement and increase sales for your business. 

Yelp is a registered trademark of Yelp, Inc.

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