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Start a Google® My Business Account Today!

Help More Customers Find Your Company Online

In the last 24 hours, you've probably reached for your phone, tapped on Google® and searched for a restaurant, store or other business so you can easily locate the products and services you need. You're not alone!

According to SEOTribunal.com, "an average person conducts 3 to 4 searches every single day [on Google]" and "Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day."1

Want your business to show up in these searches? Interested in helping more potential customers find you online? Starting a Google My Business account, if you haven't already, is an inexpensive way to attract more customers when they search for local heating and cooling companies on Google. 

Interested in knowing more about this free marketing tool? Let's discuss: 

What is a Google My Business Account? What is a Business Profile?
Google My Business is free and easy to use. It helps organizations manage their online presence across Google and promote their business profiles on Google Search and Maps so customers can easily locate them and review them. 

As you can see in the example to the right, a Google business profile includes your company address, phone number, website, hours of operation, reviews and other important information so customers can quickly and easily find and connect with your business.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about Google My Business and business profiles. 

What are the Benefits Associated with a Business Profile on Google?
There are four key benefits associated with having your business profile on Google: 

  1. Information Consistency and Visibility: An updated business profile ensures that your company information (i.e., address, phone number, website, open hours, etc.) is correct on Google and any other apps or services that rely on Google to get their data. 

    Using Google My Business can also increase your visibility. In his article, "Top 5 Benefits of Google My Business," Jose Bermudez of White Shark
    ® Media explains that, "having consistent information throughout Google about a business will improve all marketing efforts as many local listings use Google's data to feed their listings."2

  2. Reviews: By creating a Google My Business account, you're giving your customers an easy way to review their experience with your business. Then, you can easily see all of your business's reviews and respond to customers if needed. The reviews area allows for two-way communication, so you can highlight success stories, thank customers for their business, or defuse any negative situations. 

  3. Increase Traffic and Sales: A Google My Business account can help increase local traffic and boost sales. According to Think with Google, "76% of people who search for something nearby on their smart phones visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase."3

  4. Posting: You can post promotions, special offers, company news, and product announcements to your business profile on Google. These text and photo posts show up on Google Search and Maps, providing another outlet for reaching new customers. 

How Can I Get Started? 
Ready to get started with Google My Business? It's easy to do in just three simple steps. 

  1. Claim your Google My Business account. To claim your business, start here. Click on "Manage Now"  and sign in using the Google account you use for your business. Type the name of your business into the search field under "Find and manage your business" and confirm that you are an authorized owner. 

  2. Verify your business on Google. The verification process is for your security. It helps Google confirm that you own the business and have permission to manage the business profile, make updates to the account, and interact with customers on behalf of the business. 

    You can verify business ownership over the phone, via text or by requesting a postcard to your company address from Google. Click here to learn how to verify your business with Google. 

  3. Now that you've claimed and verified your business information on Google, it's time to optimize your business profile. Ensure that the proper business information is listed, including the address, phone number, website hours of operation, etc. Add storefront photos to your business profile and a brief statement about your company philosophy and services provided. Encourage and respond to customer reviews. Start posting special offers and promotions to increase traffic and sales. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Google My Business account is, the benefits associated with a business profile on Google, and how to get started, what's holding you back from utilizing this free local marketing tool? Click here to start showing up in more online business searches and attracting more customers to your company. 

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