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Don’t Miss Arcoaire Facebook® Updates!

Do You Know What You’re Missing Out On?  

Your Facebook®1 news feed probably contains a lot of great content. But when you think about it, have you seen many posts from Arcoaire lately? You’ve likely been missing out on them, and here’s why: 

Rather than publishing content chronologically, Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what posts to serve up to you and in what order. They made significant changes to their algorithm in early 2018 to prioritize content from family, friends and groups over business pages like Arcoaire and even your own. That change likely had a significant impact on what posts you see in your news feed. Because of this change, you have likely been missing out on a lot of great content from Arcoaire.

Arcoaire regularly posts engaging and informative content for you to read and share on your personal or business pages. Here’s how to make sure you see as much of it as possible:

1. Visit the Arcoaire® Air Conditioning & Heating Facebook page.

2. Select the Following menu at the top of the Arcoaire Air Conditioning & Heating Facebook page.

3. Under IN YOUR NEWS FEED, tap See First so that a check mark appears next to it. 

If you don’t already “Like” the Arcoaire Air Conditioning & Heating Facebook page, you can visit it here.

Now you’re sure to see more great content from Arcoaire in your Facebook news feed. Feel free to share it with your friends and customers!

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